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About Futura Nova

Futura Nova was founded in 2019 by Hillen Oost, (former) strategic advisor (Municipality of Almere), Business Developer (Association of Dutch Municipalities, VNG), teacher (Sundai College of Foreign Languages) and R&D Specialist (Crestec Europe), to gain international experience from government, business and bringing science together in the information society.

With knowledge of current technology, policy issues and social developments, Futura Nova helps you focus on an action perspective for the future. To this end, Futura Nova has extensive experience and a large network, including as a former advisor to Mayor Franc Weerwind, as chairman of the VNG Information Society Committee and vice-chairman of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA).

Today’s challenges require collaboration across the boundaries of individual disciplines. But above all, this requires new ways of learning and innovating. Futura Nova is happy to assist you!


Futura Nova contributes to a world in which new technological possibilities are used in such a way that they add social value to society and human value(s) are paramount.

Hillen Oost, Futura Nova